Public Sector & Constitutional Law

constitutional lawThe panel was comprised of Chang Wen Chen (National Chiao Tung University/National Taiwan University), Priscilla Chia (Peter Low & Choo LLC), Lanx Goh (previously Singapore Personal Data Protection Commission and now at Klook Travel Technology), Kenny Chng (Singapore Management University), Hui Choon Kuen (Attorney-General Chambers’ Academy), with Jack Lee (Singapore Academy of Law) as moderator. The Hart Studies in Latin American and Caribbean Constitutionalisms sequence publishes excellent scholarship on the regulation and politics of the various sorts of constitutionalism in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Article IV additionally ensures that a citizen of a state be entitled to the “privileges and immunities” in every other state. See U.S. Const. art. IV, § 2. Article V of the Constitution supplies the procedures to be adopted to amend the Constitution.

Volume 17, Issue three, July 2019

It also discusses the ethical and professional dilemmas of government lawyers in judicial evaluation and the relationship between attorneys’ skilled morality and outcomes in litigation. This quantity supplies the first English translation of Hans Kelsen’s and Carl Schmitt’s influential Weimar-period debate on constitutional guardianship and the legitimacy of constitutional evaluate. It includes Kelsen’s seminal piece, ‘The Nature and Development of Constitutional Adjudication’, in addition to key extracts from the ‘Guardian of the Constitution’ which present Schmitt’s argument towards constitutional evaluate. Also included are Kelsen’s evaluation of Schmitt’s ‘Guardian of the Constitution’, as well as some further materials by Kelsen and Schmitt on presidential dictatorship beneath Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution.

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