Political impression of Hurricane Sandy

impact of politicalOn the one hand, strict environmental standards and punishment measures must be formulated to offer enterprises stress and deterrence. On the opposite hand, enterprises ought to be supplied with economic incentives to take the initiative in environmental governance by introducing environmental taxes and subsidies, and so forth.

For example, several papers on continental European countries find that immigrants increased the electoral vote share of proper-wing, anti-immigration events. What explains the alternative results on the two sides of the Atlantic? Why is the typical political impact of immigration (on conservative events’ votes) optimistic in the case of European nations and unfavorable in the case of the United States? Our evaluation shows that the two units of results usually are not inconsistent. Immigrants to Europe have been, on average, less skilled than immigrants to the United States, and the native labor force in Europe can be much less expert (decrease share of school-educated) than within the United States.

The political impact on EFTs implementation primarily affected sustainable land management (SLM) and to a small extent, on the finish of the communist era and partly during the capitalist interval, local weather change mitigation. Throughout history, the political factor has dominated and influenced the capacity of the EFTs implementation course of in responding to socio-financial stimuli.

Whether or not political satire is nice or bad for democracy has confirmed exceptionally troublesome to handle with empirical results studies. For example, operationalizing political cynicism with three gadgets designed to measure belief in government won’t adequately seize the which means of up to date political satire. If viewers come away from Stewart or Colbert critically difficult the current system, but striving for one thing higher, maybe qualitative methods (focus groups, lengthy-type interviews, ethnographies, or textual analysis) would help us better perceive these complex processes. At present, political humor’s influence on information, attitudes, and behaviors is far from clear.

If there may be one thing that business leaders and entrepreneurs hate that is instability in the macro environment. Businesses operate based on forecasts and eventualities about the future that comprise surprises in addition to certainties.

In the context of this paper, EFTs can be outlined as options for the use of land sources aiming the growing of products for meeting the changing human wants and with neutral or positive environmental impression. Changes within the political regime have all the time had a visual impact on the EFTs issue in Romania. EFTs has gone via a number of major phases.

Enterprises depend on political connections in emerging economies, the place considerable energy and sources affecting enterprise activities have still been managed by the federal government [18]. Political connection is regarded as an essential exterior resource. Shaping interactions with regulators and political determination-makers via political strategies helps companies gain various benefits, together with government subsidies, decreased publicity to threat and preferential treatment by authorities-controlled banks [19,20,21]. Moreover, the logic of the useful resource dependence theory means that the resource allocation of an enterprise will affect its ability to apply innovation [22]. The U.S. economic system has improved markedly since the 2008–09 credit score crisis.

There are problems with this conclusion, nevertheless. It may be critiqued for the usage of time-series analysis on data with enormous fixed country results.


Additionally, to further confirm the robustness of the above regression results, we control the impact of agency age (AGE) and the impartial directors ratio (INDR) on the corporate environmental performance, including two control variables. The firm age represents the number of years since the firm was listed. The impartial administrators ratio determines the supervision stage of the listed corporations to some extent [seventy two].