Legal Department Job Opportunities or Prospects and Salaries

Do you want to have a high-paying job one day? If so, maybe studying law would be the best option. Yes, there are lots of opportunities or job prospects for Law majors. This means, you will have no trouble getting a job after graduation. Maybe for some people, majoring in Law is the branch of science that is most avoided because it is considered complicated. However, this department is one of the prima donna on various campuses. Law majors have never subsided because they know the great prospects they have. Here are 10 professions that you can choose after graduating from college.


You must know the names of famous lawyers in Indonesia such as Hotman Paris, OC Kaligis and others. Yes, their pay is of course very large because they have high flight hours in terms of experience, analysis and good communication science. For beginners, the salary of a lawyer alone can reach 6-20 million per month.


A notary public can have a bright future because he has a decent income. Their abilities are needed in making various deeds of establishment, inheritance and others. Even beginner notaries can earn as low as 4 million rupiah per month.


Becoming a judge is certainly not easy because it requires high credibility. In the hands of the judge, the court’s decision becomes an important milestone in the law. No wonder the government alone dares to pay judges with fantastic value, for example Supreme Court judges who get a salary of 121 million


The requirements to become a prosecutor are not easy because you have to pass a selection held by the government. Prosecutors have an important role in conveying allegations to the perpetrators of the crimes. The attorney’s salary is of course very large because he is a credible government employee.


Opportunities or job prospects majoring in Law are still wide open for those of you who are interested in having a career in education. You can become a lecturer teaching Law faculty students. Lecturer salaries may be equivalent to state-owned government employees, but the allowances given will make your future bright.

Legal Consultant

You can also become a legal consultant who provides views or directions regarding the completeness of documents when facing a trial. Usually a consultant works in an institution. The career prospects are tempting because they provide various payments ranging from millions to tens of millions.


You can also become an ambassador or diplomat stationed abroad! Of course, good communication knowledge is needed to support your basic legal knowledge. Clearly, diplomat salaries are very large because it is a mandate or an order from a beloved country.

Ministry staff

Try checking for job vacancies from the government some time ago! Many Ministry Staff require graduate workers in Law. The basic salary for a civil servant has its own range of up to 5 million for class IV. Of course you will still receive other benefits that will make life more stable.


Being a policeman must have good legal skills. Law graduates can try to become a policeman which of course must pass the selection. The salary offered is quite large depending on the group because this profession is a worker who receives state wages.


Are only Management or Economics children entitled to become entrepreneurs? Of course not. Law graduates also have bright futures and opportunities as young entrepreneurs. You will have knowledge about the requirements for building and managing a business so as not to violate legal rules.