Lawyer Involvement in Corruption Case

Therefore, lawyers are appointed by the kingdom as defenders of litigants, and these lawyers do not ask for payment from those he defends. he works for the will of his conscience in the hope of creating justice in society. Then it became a habit for the people at that time, that defenders of litigants were called lawyers.

The lawyer will represent his client in a case and the lawyer will be a legal advisor or a defender of the suspect or defendant. Defending in the sense of defending the interests of the law and fulfilling the rights of a person as a suspect/defendant so that in the examination the legal process can be upheld by statutory regulations. And lawyers are the noblest work, he called Lawyers as a noble profession because lawyers dedicate themselves and their obligations to the interests of society and not solely because of their interests. Lawyers also participate in upholding human rights without compensation or in return.

Regarding the purpose of the code of ethics, Subekti considers that the function and purpose of the code of ethics are to uphold the dignity of the profession and maintain or maintain the welfare of its members by prohibiting acts that will harm the material welfare of its members. In line with Bertens Sidharta argues that the Code of Professional Ethics is a set of behavioral methods as guidelines that must be obeyed in carrying out a profession.

From an ethical standpoint, the Attorney’s Code of Ethics provides the basis for this choice of commitment, which is regulated in Article 3 of the Indonesian Attorney’s Code of Ethics Chapter on Lawyers Personality, which reads: “Lawyers can refuse to give advice and legal assistance to anyone who needs legal services and or assistance. with consideration because it is not by his expertise and contrary to his conscience, but cannot refuse on the grounds of differences in religion, beliefs, ethnicity, ancestry, gender, political beliefs, and social position. “

What is the Role of Lawyers in Corruption Eradication

What is the real role of lawyers in combating corruption? Even though the law does not explicitly state or does not regulate what the role of lawyers as law enforcement is in eradicating criminal acts of corruption, lawyers are law enforcers after all. In the context of the integrated criminal justice system, lawyers are a part of it. The original concept of a lawyer should not be a defender of crime, but law enforcement and a defender of justice. But in practice, the azaz applies “forward not afraid to defend the pay”. This is contrary to the code of ethics governing the personality of lawyers in other contexts, where lawyers do their work not solely to obtain material rewards, but rather to uphold the law, truth, and justice

Lawyers association with corruption cases

The connection with lawyers and corruption is that at this time many lawyers have been prosecuted in relation to alleged corruption or bribery, apparently it has injured the Integrity of Law Enforcement, by being enticed with money to try to bribe the state apparatus, failure of law enforcement due to unwillingness seen from the occurrence of law enforcement processes that seem not transparent and dishonest, even a legal case opens up opportunities to be objects and fields of extortion for the case being handled.