3 Guidelines for Overseas Students to be Free from Free Association

Not a few early the beginning of free association among students is established when they are located in an overseas city. More precisely when students are located far from parental supervision. Then, what is the real definition of promiscuity? Quoting from the web. Ministry of Education and Culture. go. jw.org en free association is an association that deviates from the values ​​of good attitude for citizens’ norms. The form of free association at this time is very diverse, not only related to sex. Examples of promiscuity are smoking, drinking alcohol, consuming drugs, and engaging in sexual relations outside of marriage.

There are many motivations behind the students’ steps to sort out behaviors that lead to free association. Generally, it starts from a mere curiosity to the facility to escape from the problems that are being experienced. For example, curiosity about the sensation of drunkenness from drinking alcohol. Where this action may not be attempted by students while still living with their parents. In conclusion, they only tried it when it was located in an overseas city.

It is not often too early that students’ free association is introduced by fellow college friends or hangout friends. Now in reality student association in big cities, smoking and drinking alcohol is an attitude of promiscuity that is very universal to try. Where these two things are not only tried by men but also women. Therefore, for you overseas students, follow these 3 methods to be free from free association.


Establish Honest Communication with Parents

Parents are people who are very close to students and always insist on good things. For example, give advice to their children to protect their health and don’t make the wrong choice of friends when in overseas cities. All of that is very necessary for a child, especially for a student who is categorized as gene Z group. Where his emotions still tend to be unstable. Quoting from a research post entitled “Free Association in Student Groups in Criminology and Law Review”, if young people such as students find good attention they can be free from free association.

Therefore, it means for students to always carry out easy communication with their parents. Smooth communication is an early step that must be accompanied by open communication. This means that students must be honest to describe the area and activities they do while in the overseas city.

It is also very meaningful to share stories about the challenges felt in the process of adjusting or problems that are being experienced in overseas cities with parents. Thus, parents can share more attention and solutions that match the child’s personality. The positive result of carrying out open communication with parents is that students still have self-awareness to avoid promiscuous attitudes from parental advice.

Instill the Principles of Avoiding Free Association

Everything starts with oneself, the expression feels true. Even though your parents and friends always insist to stay away from drinking alcohol. It will not make you completely stay away from the action if there is no motivation that comes from yourself. Therefore, students must have a strong will to discipline themselves from promiscuous behaviors.

The self-principle will function as a natural shield when the circle of friends on campus or hanging out influences it in a deviant direction. Because one aspect that causes students to fall into free association is the influence of their circle and area of ​​​​friendship.

Dare to Say No

Some people sometimes find it difficult to say “no” to things that are fun but have bad consequences later in the day. For example, smoking routines are clearly unhealthy for the body. Moreover, there is an appeal from the government and an explanation of the dangers of smoking in cigarette packaging. However, some people always can’t stop and refuse when offered cigarettes by people around them.

Is it difficult to refuse invitations to have fun, part of human nature? I don’t think so, if one can think of the consequences that will emerge the next day from this pleasure. Therefore, students need to practice it by refusing an invitation from a friend. For example, in an atmosphere where you are invited to hang out in a cafe every night just to smoke and come back late at night.