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Legal Department Job Opportunities or Prospects and Salaries

Do you want to have a high-paying job one day? If so, maybe studying law would be the best option. Yes, there are lots of opportunities or job prospects for Law majors. This means, you will have no trouble getting a job after graduation. Maybe for some people, majoring in Law is the branch of science that is most avoided because it is considered complicated. However, this department is one of the prima donna on various campuses. Law majors have never subsided because they know the great prospects they have. Here are 10 professions that you can choose after graduating from college.


You must know the names of famous lawyers in Indonesia such as Hotman Paris, OC Kaligis and others. Yes, their pay is of course very large because they have high flight hours in terms of experience, analysis and good communication science. For beginners, the salary of a lawyer alone can reach 6-20 million per month.


A notary public can have a bright future because he has a decent income. Their abilities are needed in making various deeds of establishment, inheritance and others. Even beginner notaries can earn as low as 4 million rupiah per month.


Becoming a judge is certainly not easy because it requires high credibility. In the hands of the judge, the court’s decision becomes an important milestone in the law. No wonder the government alone dares to pay judges with fantastic value, for example Supreme Court judges who get a salary of … Read More

Definition of Advocate, Lawyer, Legal Counsel, and Legal Consultant

Advocates – Of course we all know and often hear the terms Lawyer, Advocate, Legal Counsel, Legal Counsel, and Legal Consultant. Often we see billboards or nameplate from an Advocate Office, Law Firm, Law Firm, and Law Consultant Office. However, have we ever thought or asked, what is the meaning of understanding and differences between Advocates / Lawyers, Legal Counsels, and Legal Consultants?

At first glance, we may have asked what is the meaning and difference. However, not all of us want to try to find out what the differences and understandings are. If you were a Law Student, of course, you should know and understand what the meanings and differences of the Advocate / Lawyer, Legal Counsel, and Legal Consultant were. But for some ordinary people, if not involved or stumbled in legal issues, not so willing to try to find out, what is the Definition and Difference of Lawyers / Advocates, Legal Counsels and Legal Consultants. As a layman, I want to explain a little about what is meant and the difference from an Advocate / Lawyer, Legal Counsel, and Legal Consultant. The following understanding of:

1. Advocate / Lawyer

Advocates as law enforcers carry out their roles and functions independently to represent the interests of the people and are not affected by state power.

Because of that advocates can be interpreted to have their point of view, with an objective way of thinking.

Advocate in his perspective, he represents the interests of the community (clients) to defend … Read More

Lawyer Involvement in Corruption Case

In the beginning, Lawyer was a name for the people of ancient Athens. In ancient Athens, every guilty person was immediately sentenced by the King as he wished, without being based on considerations. It was this that moved the hearts of lawyers to defend everyone guilty at that time, with the reason that justice was created for the community.

Therefore, lawyers are appointed by the kingdom as defenders of litigants, and these lawyers do not ask for payment from those he defends. he works for the will of his conscience in the hope of creating justice in society. Then it became a habit for the people at that time, that defenders of litigants were called lawyers.

The lawyer will represent his client in a case and the lawyer will be a legal advisor or a defender of the suspect or defendant. Defending in the sense of defending the interests of the law and fulfilling the rights of a person as a suspect/defendant so that in the examination the legal process can be upheld by statutory regulations. And lawyers are the noblest work, he called Lawyers as a noble profession because lawyers dedicate themselves and their obligations to the interests of society and not solely because of their interests. Lawyers also participate in upholding human rights without compensation or in return.

Regarding the purpose of the code of ethics, Subekti considers that the function and purpose of the code of ethics are to uphold the dignity of the profession and maintain … Read More


law and public

Tribal and pueblo police also enforce native codes in “non-PL 280” states. Public law contains constitutional legislation, administrative legislation and legal legislation.

Dui Legislation

The FBI joins in investigations of probably the most critical criminal issues similar to murders or kidnappings. In these states, when allegations towards tribal members arise from crimes on a reservation, the United States Attorney cites violations of the United States Code in a United States district court docket.

Public Well Being Regulation Program

law and public

Many of our public access legislation libraries are closed, or open by appointment solely, as a result of coronavirus pandemic; Review this list to determine whether or not the regulation library closest to you is currently open. Volunteers can change anyone’s life.Last yr, volunteers gave over 34,000 pro bono hours to help our purchasers. Our volunteers embrace partners and associates at major legislation companies, in-home company counsel, solo and small agency practitioners, young attorneys, paralegals, regulation college students, faculty college students and an array of individuals concerned about ensuring entry to justice.

Lawsuit Targets Epa Failure To Wash Up Air Pollution In Puget Sound

The autonomy of these kind of bodies varies, even throughout the similar multilateral organization. Therefore, those thinking about internships or careers should contact them individually.… Read More

Definitions Of Public Policy And The Legislation

Discover A Lawyer

law and public

Devolution Within The Supreme Court: Legislative Supremacy, Parliament’s ‘unqualified’ Energy, And ‘modifying’ The Scotland Act

In various states, native police, tribal police, BIA police, and the FBI are the arms of a legislation enforcement system that enforces legal guidelines of tribes, states and the federal authorities. The Act also added that tribe can’t put non-natives on trial, even when crime happens on reservation land. Public well being legislation additionally focuses on authorized issues in public health practice and on the public health results of legal follow. Founded in 1981, The Public Law Center is a 501 nonprofit providing free legal providers to low income residents and other nonprofits in Orange County. Last year, Public Law Center employees and volunteers supplied over 65,000 hours of free legal services in handling over 4,500 cases benefiting low-earnings youngsters, adults and seniors. The estimated value of this work is roughly $60 million in simply the previous three years.

Regulation 101

Individuals and groups typically try and form public policy by way of training, advocacy, or mobilization of interest teams. Shaping public policy is obviously totally different in Western-fashion democracies than in other forms of authorities. But it’s cheap to assume that the method all the time involves efforts by competing curiosity groups to influence coverage makers of their favor. In any society, governmental entities enact laws, make policies, and allocate assets. Public coverage could be usually defined as a system of legal guidelines, regulatory measures, courses of action, and funding priorities … Read More

Navigating the Legal Maze: The Important of Legal Services

In a world where laws and regulations govern almost every aspect of our lives, legal services have become an essential part of society. Whether you are facing a complex legal issue or simply need guidance on a matter, seeking the expertise of a legal professional is often the best course of action. In this article, we will delve into the realm of legal services, discussing their significance and the benefits they offer to individuals and businesses alike.

Legal Services

Understanding Legal Services

Legal services encompass a broad spectrum of legal expertise, ranging from criminal defense to civil litigation and everything in between. These services are provided by trained professionals known as lawyers or attorneys, who specialize in various areas of law. One of the most significant advantages of legal services is the provision of expert guidance and representation when dealing with legal matters.

Free Consultation Lawyers

For many individuals, the mere thought of engaging a lawyer can be intimidating, primarily due to concerns about the cost. However, it is essential to recognize that many legal professionals offer free consultations. These consultations serve as an opportunity for potential clients to discuss their legal issues, understand their rights, and explore possible courses of action without incurring any financial obligation.

A free consultation lawyer can provide valuable insights into the merits of your case, potential legal strategies, and an estimation of the costs involved. This initial meeting helps potential clients make informed decisions about whether to proceed with legal action or seek alternative solutions.


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