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Legal Department Job Opportunities or Prospects and Salaries

Do you want to have a high-paying job one day? If so, maybe studying law would be the best option. Yes, there are lots of opportunities or job prospects for Law majors. This means, you will have no trouble getting a job after graduation. Maybe for some people, majoring in Law is the branch of science that is most avoided because it is considered complicated. However, this department is one of the prima donna on various campuses. Law majors have never subsided because they know the great prospects they have. Here are 10 professions that you can choose after graduating from college.


You must know the names of famous lawyers in Indonesia such as Hotman Paris, OC Kaligis and others. Yes, their pay is of course very large because they have high flight hours in terms of experience, analysis and good communication science. For beginners, the salary of a lawyer alone can reach 6-20 million per month.


A notary public can have a bright future because he has a decent income. Their abilities are needed in making various deeds of establishment, inheritance and others. Even beginner notaries can earn as low as 4 million rupiah per month.


Becoming a judge is certainly not easy because it requires high credibility. In the hands of the judge, the court’s decision becomes an important milestone in the law. No wonder the government alone dares to pay judges with fantastic value, for example Supreme Court judges who get a salary of … Read More

Definition of Advocate, Lawyer, Legal Counsel, and Legal Consultant

Advocates – Of course we all know and often hear the terms Lawyer, Advocate, Legal Counsel, Legal Counsel, and Legal Consultant. Often we see billboards or nameplate from an Advocate Office, Law Firm, Law Firm, and Law Consultant Office. However, have we ever thought or asked, what is the meaning of understanding and differences between Advocates / Lawyers, Legal Counsels, and Legal Consultants?

At first glance, we may have asked what is the meaning and difference. However, not all of us want to try to find out what the differences and understandings are. If you were a Law Student, of course, you should know and understand what the meanings and differences of the Advocate / Lawyer, Legal Counsel, and Legal Consultant were. But for some ordinary people, if not involved or stumbled in legal issues, not so willing to try to find out, what is the Definition and Difference of Lawyers / Advocates, Legal Counsels and Legal Consultants. As a layman, I want to explain a little about what is meant and the difference from an Advocate / Lawyer, Legal Counsel, and Legal Consultant. The following understanding of:

1. Advocate / Lawyer

Advocates as law enforcers carry out their roles and functions independently to represent the interests of the people and are not affected by state power.

Because of that advocates can be interpreted to have their point of view, with an objective way of thinking.

Advocate in his perspective, he represents the interests of the community (clients) to defend … Read More

Lawyer Involvement in Corruption Case

Therefore, lawyers are appointed by the kingdom as defenders of litigants, and these lawyers do not ask for payment from those he defends. he works for the will of his conscience in the hope of creating justice in society. Then it became a habit for the people at that time, that defenders of litigants were called lawyers.

The lawyer will represent his client in a case and the lawyer will be a legal advisor or a defender of the suspect or defendant. Defending in the sense of defending the interests of the law and fulfilling the rights of a person as a suspect/defendant so that in the examination the legal process can be upheld by statutory regulations. And lawyers are the noblest work, he called Lawyers as a noble profession because lawyers dedicate themselves and their obligations to the interests of society and not solely because of their interests. Lawyers also participate in upholding human rights without compensation or in return.

Regarding the purpose of the code of ethics, Subekti considers that the function and purpose of the code of ethics are to uphold the dignity of the profession and maintain or maintain the welfare of its members by prohibiting acts that will harm the material welfare of its members. In line with Bertens Sidharta argues that the Code of Professional Ethics is a set of behavioral methods as guidelines that must be obeyed in carrying out a profession.

From an ethical standpoint, the Attorney’s Code of Ethics provides the … Read More

Indian Constitutional Regulation Analysis Papers

Constitutional Conventions As A Supply Of Guidelines

constitutional law

What Is Constitutional Regulation?

The Constitution is a results of the ordinary law of the land. You may enhance this text, discuss the difficulty on the speak page, or create a brand new article, as appropriate. The examples and perspective in this article might not symbolize a worldwide view of the topic.

The widespread legislation and the civil regulation jurisdictions do not share the identical constitutional legislation underpinnings. Common legislation nations, similar to those within the Commonwealth as well as the United States, derive their authorized methods from that of the United Kingdom, and as such place emphasis on judicial precedent, whereby consequential court rulings are a supply of law. Civil regulation jurisdictions, however, place much less emphasis on judicial evaluation and solely the parliament or legislature has the power to effect law. As a end result, the construction of the judiciary differs significantly between the 2, with frequent legislation judiciaries being adversarial and civil law judiciaries being inquisitorial. Common law judicatures consequently separate the judiciary from the prosecution, thereby establishing the courts as fully independent from each the legislature and legislation enforcement. Human rights law in these nations is consequently, largely built on legal precedent in the courts’ interpretation of constitutional regulation, whereas that of civil legislation nations is nearly exclusively composed of codified legislation, constitutional or in any other case.

Based on area analysis and contextual analysis of politically important decisions, the article traces patterns of judicial assertiveness in politically vital … Read More

The Federal Government’s Case Against Many Jan 6 Defendants Is In Authorized Jeopardy

Public Paperwork (print)

government legal

Watch this library video for detailed directions on tips on how to create Supreme Court quotation. Order of elements in the Legal type reference list entry -title, supply, and date. citation, normally to a volume and page of the reporter where revealed. Almost all authorized work makes use of notes for documentation and few use bibliographies.

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Can The Government Drive You To Get A Vaccine?

We’d wish to set additional cookies to understand how you use GOV.UK, bear in mind your settings and enhance authorities providers. At the federal level, the German structure divides energy between the executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judiciary. This is a guide to UW-Madison campus and e-assets for analysis in German regulation. Note that many sources listed here are in German, and in-depth analysis would require data of German. Bills and resolutions are solely cited within the footnotes or within the text of your paper; they aren’t cited within the bibliography (except the bill/resolution is included in a secondary publication such as a book, during which case you would cite the guide in the bibliography). If there isn’t any known creator, start the citation with the title of the document instead.

Legal Marijuana Puffs Up Authorities Budgets

A “hanging indent” means that every subsequent line after the primary line of your quotation should be indented by zero.5 inches. As applied to a regulation, ordinance, or Rule of Law, the final function or tendency thought of as directed to the welfare … Read More

Oklahoma City Federal Defense Lawyer: Navigating Complex Legal Challenges

In the realm of legal defense, the role of a federal defense lawyer in Oklahoma City is crucial. Federal crimes often involve intricate laws and severe penalties, requiring specialized knowledge and skills to effectively navigate the legal system. This article delves into the significant aspects of federal defense in Oklahoma City, exploring the responsibilities of a federal defense lawyer, the types of federal crimes they handle, and the importance of having experienced legal representation.

Understanding Federal Crimes

Federal crimes are offenses that violate U.S. federal laws, and they are prosecuted by federal agencies such as the FBI, DEA, and IRS. Unlike state crimes, which are prosecuted under state laws, federal crimes often involve more complex legal issues and carry harsher penalties. Some common federal crimes include drug trafficking, white-collar crimes, firearms offenses, and cybercrimes. These cases are handled in federal courts, which have different procedures and regulations compared to state courts.

The Role of a Federal Defense Lawyer

A federal defense lawyer in Oklahoma City federal defense lawyer specializes in defending individuals and entities accused of federal crimes. Their primary responsibility is to provide legal representation and ensure that their clients’ rights are protected throughout the legal process. This includes investigating the charges, gathering evidence, negotiating with prosecutors, and developing a strong defense strategy. Federal defense lawyers must have a deep understanding of federal laws, court procedures, and the workings of various federal agencies.

Types of Federal Crimes Handled

Federal defense lawyers in Oklahoma City handle a wide range of … Read More